Answers to the most often asked questions and the most often misunderstood parts of your lease.

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Apartment Hunting  
How can I find out more about your apartments?
All available rental units are displayed on the left side of the screen in the box. Clicking on the links will display photos and floor plans and other details.
Aren't there other available places besides what you have listed?
We list everything that we have available. We do not recommend the "apartment finder" (pay) services. Save your money.
How much is the security deposit?
The security deposit is equal to 2 month's rent. It does not include your "Last month's rent". However, if you renew your lease for a second year, some of the deposit is credited to you final month's rent.
What steps do I need to take to secure an apartment?
1. View the apartment information online,
      (photos, floor plans, maps, and Details about the apartment.)
2. Contact us to view the apartment in person. (Please specify which apartment you are interested in.)
      We do our best to show online the apartment as it actually looks,
      but we still reccomend that you inspect it yourself.
3. Fill out the Rental Application & Deposit Agreement
      (Fill out one for each tenant) and bring to us along with an Application Fee ($50 per tenant)
      In your application, you should be able to show your ability to pay the rent and good references.
      Typically you should earn one month's rent in a week,but we know there are always exceptions:
          For Example: Students may need to get a responsible person (parent) to sign the Cosigner Agreement.
          There is no additional fee with a Cosigner Application, but we will check the cosigner 's credit.)
4. Also read and fill out and bring an Application Deposit Agreement. (See Rental Application & Deposit Agreement.)
      (This equals 2 month's rent & will become your Security Deposit upon acceptance.)
      If your application is declined, your Application Deposit will be returned promptly in full.
      (Your $50 Application Fee is non-refundable.)
5. Once you are accepted, we will all sign the Lease
6. When you are ready to move in, you will pay your first month's rent and I will give you the keys.
How much total do I need to move in?
The amount is equal to three times the rent. This is the first month's rent and two month's security deposit
How can I improve my chances of getting an apartment?
Check out our requirements. All our forms are available for download and printing from the Forms page.
1. Document your income sources: Such as jobs, student loans, bank accounts, etc.
    We need to know that you can pay the rent.
2. Have good references handy, especially previous landlords.
    We want to know that you will be a good tenant.
3. Be honest. Any misrepresentation on your application ends our consideration of you.
    Note: We do not return Application Fees once we begin our investigation
    - but we will return your Application Deposit if we turn you down.
4. Be realistic. You should be earning your monthly rent in just one week's pay.
    Otherwise you'll need to have significant money in the bank (School loan, etc.)
    Or a co-signer who can demonstrate that he or she can support you.
    If you need a cosigner, your Co-signer must fill out the co-signer's application.
5. Don't delay! Nice affordable apartments are hard to find and don't stay on the market for long.
Can I PLEASE bring my pet? Mine is well behaved.
Sorry, but NO. We've had bad experiences - even with well behaved pets. Look for a pet-friendly landlord at Penn's Office of Off-Campus Living or in the Philadelphia Inquirer or other local papers like the City Paper or on Craig's List

Moving In
How will my apartment be prepared for me?
We clean all apartments prior to your occupancy - given the time available to do so. We repaint or touch-up paint as we feel necessary. All appliances will be in working order. You may inspect your apartment prior to moving in. If you fail to inspect your apartment before moving in, you agree to accept it as is. However, the landlord will make every reasonable effort to correct any misunderstandings on work you consider not properly executed.
Why doesn't the landlord guarantee that I'll get the apartment even after we both sign this lease?
It's rare, but if the landlord cannot deliver the apartment you leased for reasons beyond his control, the landlord's liability would be to offer you your money back or another available unit satisfactory to you. However he will not be liable for any other damages to you.
It's 3 AM and I am ready to move in!
Please respect your neighbors. After hours move in or move out times are discouraged!

During Occupancy
What are my trash and recycling responsibilities?
All residents are required to follow the rules set forth by the City of Philadelphia for recycling. The landlord has provided trash receptacles, but you are responsible for making sure the trash is places on the street on collection day. You are responsible to pay for any violation citations, if cited for non compliance.
Can I paint my walls a different color? Off-white is so drab.
Do not change the color of the walls, change the locks, or make alterations in the apartment without getting written approval beforehand. The cost of repainting (especially when trying to cover a bleeding color), can rapidly eat up your security deposit, not to mention damage done by spilled and splattered paint or paint in the wrong place - like door catches and painted shut windows. We'd really like to return your security deposit to you. Please Talk to us first!
If there is a fire or other catastrophe in the building and my furniture is damaged, will the Landlord's insurance cover me?
No. The landlord does not insure your property for fire or any type of loss including personal injury. We carry insurance only for our own property. Protect your personal property and yourself with your own insurance.
What do you mean about giving access to my apartment?
In order to provide service to our residents, we must have access to your apartment during the workday. We cannot provide service on an appointment basis. You are not authorized to change the locks on your apartment without permission. Of course, no one will enter your apartment unless you request service, or an emergency situation prevents us from giving you advance notice. Only emergency service will be provided after normal office hours and on weekends. If special situations arise we will always attempt to accommodate you. We also have the right to show your apartment to a new prospective tenant once you have notified us that you are terminating your lease.
My toilet is clogged. What do I do?
There should be a plunger in each bathroom. Try that first. The plunger works best by gently pushing down and then using a strong tug upward to free the clog. If you still can't get it unclogged, call us. Never put paper towels or tampons or any other materials besies toilet paper into the toilet. The cost of unclogging any non-disolving waste from your drains will be charged to you!
The stove broke, can I fix it myself?
If you smell gas - and the odor is faint - it could be a pilot light is out. If so, you can re-light it with a match.

ButIf the odor is strong, don't turn on any electrical appliances or light any matches. Open windows to let the room air out, get everyone out of the entire building and call PGW (the gas company): 215-235-1212 immediately! Then call us.

What about other problems?
If there is something else that needs repair, please call us before attempting to fix it yourself. Sometimes tenants' repair attempts make things worse. If you know what you are doing (like if you are an expert) we would still like to know and approve of your repairs before you start. This is to protect you and the other tenants. We generally don't charge you to fix most problems, unless they occurred because you have been careless. We are interested in keeping you happy. Please let us fix it.
I'll be away during the summer months. May I sublet my apartment?
Yes, but only with your landlord's written consent. All subletters must fill out a rental application. Note: subletting does not free you of your responsibility for the rent and all other responsibilities of your lease.
My roommate moved out!   Am I responsible for the entire rent?
Yes. Roommates sharing an apartment are each responsible for the entire apartment. You do not rent part of an apartment. Also you cannot give notice to move separately. There has to be understanding between roommates concerning who is leaving and who is staying and taking responsibility for the apartment. You should contact us. We will try to help you with roommate problems.

Moving Out
When my lease is up, may I move out without telling the Landlord?
You must inform your landlord in advance (number of days as stated in lease) and in writing that you are leaving. You do not have to notify your landlord if you are staying -- leases automatically renew if neither party informs the other. The lease is a contract between two parties, at the end of the contract, either party may choose not to renew with proper notice.
May I use my security deposit as my last month's rent?
No. Security deposits are returned to you after you have vacated your apartment in accordance with your lease and have returned your keys and left a forwarding address with the landlord. City escrow laws require the landlord to pay interest on security deposits over $200 after two years.
I'd like to leave this old sofa behind for the next tenants. They might like it.
Leave the unit "broom clean" and empty. Don't worry about normal "wear and tear." We generally will not charge you for that. However, if we have to clean out your abandoned personal property, the costs will be deducted from your security deposit. On the other hand, if you have an understanding with the incoming tenant, that's fine; But don't leave stuff behind just because you ran out of room in the truck.